Where to Buy a Derma Roller

What to consider when deciding where to buy a derma roller

By this time you should have been through my site and read my derma roller reviews as well as the benefits to derma rolling. Now you’re ready to start your own treatment! But before you spend a dime read these 4 factors before you decide where to buy a derma roller!

The quality of the derma roller

It’s important to know what material the needles are made out of so you know how to properly clean them. Most outdated/cheaper rollers use needles made of surgical steel. Remember that quality derma rollers will have titanium needles.

Rule of thumb good derma rollers can be identified rather easily. When companies take the time to have professional logos and graphics made as well as good product pictures that typically means they stand behind and support their product.


The second most important thing to consider is the instructions. Once you have a good roller it’s important to know how to use a derma roller properly. Don’t damage your skin because of poorly written instructions.

Is it a disposable or reusable derma roller? 

There is really no reason why anyone should purchase a derma roller that is rated for one use unless your a professional with a practice. If your an average person like me a reusable roller is the way to go. Save your money!

Customer service

95% of derma rollers available come from China, meaning you have to interact with people overseas when you have issues with your roller. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but in my experience, the language barrier can be frustrating as well as the time difference. Responses are delayed and returns & replacements typically take 30-40 days because of the distance.

IMPORTANT – I recommend you purchase derma rollers from companies based in the USA. This will get you faster shipping better customer service and quicker responses. Most importantly you will be supporting an American company!

The roller I use and recommend – STRONGSELLS Derma Roller Kit


Strongsells derma roller kit