Stimulate Beard Growth

Derma Rolling to Stimulate Beard Growth: Does it Work?

With the recent popularity of men growing full beards, there are many men curios if derma rolling is a lucrative method to stimulate beard growth.

Stimulating Beard Growth With Derma Rolling

How Does a Derma Roller Stimulate Beard Growth?

The derma roller microneedles will make micro punctures in your dermis, which is the layer just under your epidermis. Naturally, when your body is damaged, your body will begin to start the healing process. During this process, collagen and keratin are produced.

Collagen is a protein, the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues. Keratin is the key structural material making up the outer layer of human skin. It’s also what our hair is made up of.

Collagen and Keratin are necessary components of facial hair. The increased collagen and keratin stimulated from derma rolling can result in increasing the natural rate of your beard growth.

Why Don’t women Grow Facial Hair?

Derma rolling is most commonly associated with women wanting to smooth out fine line wrinkles, stretch marks, and acne scars. So if most women use derma rollers on their face why aren’t more women who derma roll sporting full beards? Well to put it quite simply it’s hormones, women don’t share the same hormones as males. Thankfully we are not designed to grow thick full beards but doesn’t mean we don’t have facial hair. Women have vellus hair, the reason it isn’t noticeable is that it doesn’t have any color and is extremely fine.

What Size Roller is Best For the Beard?

In most studies, it’s been found that a roller that’s .50mm or .75mm yielded the best results. I always recommend to all my subscribers to get only titanium rollers. If you aren’t sure what type of roller you should get refer to my derma roller reviews to see the best quality rollers available.

Using Topical For Beard After Rolling

The 0.5mm needle size penetrates the dermis enough to start producing collagen, the smaller size needles are meant for better absorption of topical products such as beard oils. If you’re using Minoxidil in conjunction with the needling, wait at least for 12-24 hours before applying the Minoxidil solution to prevent systemic absorption to the rest of the body via increased blood flow.

How Often Should You Roll Your Beard?

Needles of 0.5mm can be used once or twice per week, .75mm or 1mm can be used once a week depending on your skin’s sensitivity.