10 Year Journey, My Derma Rolling Experience

A little about me I’m 37 years old, a mother of 3 and happily married. The sole purpose of me creating this site was to educate and inform people about the wonders of micro needling. My derma rolling experience has been a 10-year journey that has changed me for the better!

The origin of my skin problems

10 Year Journey, My Derma Rolling Experience

My Derma Rolling Experience

During my 3 pregnancies I broke out horrifically, I never understood why I was being punished I stayed away from fast foods, coffee, and soda… Most of the time. Either way, I dealt with the acne as best I could though never getting much relief until the little monsters were born and my skin would return to normal. After my third child, my face was acne free but I had really bad rolling and ice pick scars on both of my cheeks.

I looked into solutions to reduce the scarring, I was led to lasers every time. Which was never an option for me 3 young children a mortgage and car notes would see to that. So discouraged and self-conscious, I told myself that I just need to be thankful I’m healthy with healthy children and keep moving forward with my life which is the step in the right direction. If you can’t love yourself no else will! I had to keep reminding myself that.

The day that changed my skin

One particular evening I was scrolling through Pinterest, that’s when I noticed a derma roller. My curiosity got me to click, which brought me to some before and afters of derma rolling. Thrilled of my discovery I started doing research. I probably spent about a month of research reading different medical journal as well personal reviews.

Finally, I was ready, I felt confident enough about it and I was ready to start my own treatments. Over the past 10 years of micro needling, I’ve purchased several different derma rollers. Look at my comprehensive derma roller reviews to find the best derma rollers available.

What do I have to show from my Derma rolling experience? How well did it work?

My scars at this point are non-existent! Derma rolling is one of the smartest investments I’ve ever made. Even though my scars have faded I still continue to roll but much less frequently. It really keeps me glowing and I will continue to roll I see no reason to stop. Why stop something that helps keep your skin healthy and looking young? No brainer I’m sticking to my regiment!

Just a tip

If you’re here reading this its because you’re looking for a change. If your anything like me that change is external but it will also help you change internally. Were all beautiful in and out, even YOU yes you! But there is always room for improvement, take my word for it take a chance make the small investment on a derma roller and start improving your skin!